Tree Services

Below is a list of services that we offer. If your requirements are not listed below, please call as we may still be able to assist, or at least send you in the right direction.

Tree Removal

Grandview Tree Care are proficient in removing trees both large and small. We use techniques that minimise the impact on the environment we are working in and have access to equipment that allow us to remove debris leaving your garden neat and tidy. See More

Tree Stump Removal

Stump removal is the final part of the tree removal process that allows you to completely renovate your garden. Old tree stumps can be unsightly and also becom a home for insects such as termites. We have machines that are able to remove any stump no matter the size or location. See More

Tree Pruning & Cutting

Our qualified staff are able to guide you through a complete tree management program. This will allow you to maintain your trees in a mannor that will suit both your budget and the trees well being.See More

Tree Lopping

Topping is a very severe form of pruning which involves removing all branches and growth down to a few large branches or to the trunk of the tree. This method of pruning can result in your tree becoming extreamly dangerous. Call us to discuss the best and most economical way to manage your trees. See More

Storm Damage

Storm damage clean up and maintenance
Storm damage can happen to anyone at any time. Grandview Tree Care are able to work with yourself and your insurance company to ensure any fallen, dangerous trees are removed promptly with minimal fuss. See More

Hedge Trimming

Can be used as a natural screen or to bring a formal feel to a garden. However it is important to maintain any hedge as they do not take long to get out of hand. We have the access to appropriate equipment to manage hedges of all shapes and sizes See More