Storm damage

Often storms strike with minimal warning, bringing with them high winds that can cause damage to your trees. This damage can lead to hanging branches in the canopy, branches falling on property and even entire trees failing at ground level. If a falling branch or tree is a direct threat to people or property a rapid response is often required.

Storm damaged trees are unpredictable and require an experienced expert with suitable knowledge of the dangers involved. They also need the ability to calmly assess the hazard and implement a management plan to remove the tree felling storm damagerisk.

Grandview Tree Care has fully trained and competent staff to make storm damaged trees safe in a short time frame. We have access to a wide variety of machinery and personnel to accommodate all levels of urgency, danger and technicality.

Often insurance companies may also be involved in the process of dealing with storm damage. We are happy to directly liaise with your insurance company to make the process easier for yourself.