Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping or Topping is a very severe form of pruning which involves removing all branches and growth down to a few large branches or to the trunk of the tree.  Tree lopping is often seen as a way to minimise the risk of residing near a large tree. This is not the case!!!

Trees will react to lopping by putting on excess growth in a very short time frame. This regrowth is poorly attached and is prone to failing. In many cases the tree actually becomes more dangerous than it was prior to the works being completed.

Our qualified knowledgeable staff are able to guide you in the best method to manage your tree to maintain its structural integrity and keep you and your family safe. 

When employing people to maintain your trees it is important to be sure they are qualified to undertake the required works, they are insured and they have the correct equipment to undertake the job in a safe manner.

If contractors offer to lop or top your tree or use spikes to prune when pruning they are causing irreversible damage that will ultimately negatively affect the long term health and structure.

 Grandview Tree Care will always offer management solutions with the best interests of you and the tree in mind.