Tree Pruning & Cutting Services

Tree pruning allows your tree to remain healthy and structurally viable in an urban environment. Different management plans may be implemented to achieve different outcomes. By selectively targeting branches to be removed Grandview Tree Care are able to encourage your tree to grow in a safe manner.

An understanding of the physiology of how a tree grows is fundamental when implementing a tree management plan. Grandview tree care will always have qualified, educated staff on site when working on your trees. 

A tree management plan involves pruning your tree to achieve a desired outcome. Pruning is great way to reduce the risk inherited when living near a significant tree. Formative pruning on smaller younger trees will often reduce the likely hood of the tree developing faults in the future.

Tree pruning methods

Grandview tree care are able to implement various type of pruning methods including:

  • Target branch removal.
  • Dead wood and diseased branch removal.
  • Crown thinning.
  • Crown reduction.
  • Weight reduction of overextended limbs
  • Pollarding.
  • Formative pruning.
  • View and light enhancement.
  • Canopy uplifting


We aim to leave every job in an untouched state placing an emphasis on safety whilst taking the upmost care not to damage any of your property or garden.  

There is a real skill in pruning a tree and at Grandview Tree Care we encourage you to watch from a safe distance and enjoy the show.

If required Grandview Tree care has access to a wide range of equipment to cover any job required including:

  • Trucks and Chippers
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Cranes
  • Loaders

We are also completely insured with 10 million dollars public liability and have all required occupational health and safety documentation.

Give us a call to discuss your best tree management plan