Tree Removal

Trees are an asset to our streets and suburbs. They provide shade, habitat for animals and bring a presence to the garden with their size. Trees may be a feature because of their shape, colour and even because of characteristics like flowers and smell.

Maintenance is important to prolong the heath and structural integrity to any significant tree, however, sometimes a tree will cease to be an asset to your garden. When this situation occurs tree removal may be the best management option

Tree removal can be dangerous if the correct procedures are not implemented. Tree removal requires the right equipment and the right personnel, with a complete understanding of safe and efficient methods for dismantling both large and small trees.

Grandview Tree Care have experienced qualified staff on site on all jobs. Our staff are qualified  and competent in:

      • Tight access / confined space removal
      • Large scale tree removal
      • Rigging and rope access
      • Dead and dangerous trees

We aim to leave every job in an untouched state placing an emphasis on safety whilst taking the upmost care not to damage any of your property or garden.

There is a real skill in removing a tree using rope access and rigging and at Grandview Tree Care we encourage you to watch from a safe distance and enjoy the show.

If required Grandview Tree care has access to a wide range of equipment including:

  • Trucks and Chippers
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Cranes
  • Loaders

We have access to the equipment to cover any job. We are also completely insured with 10 million dollars public liability and have all required occupational health and safety documentation.

Give us a call to discuss your best tree management plan.